To Make Rock-sugar

Take a red Earthen Pot, that will hold about four Quarts, (those

Pots that are something less at the Top and Bottom than in the

Middle) stick it pretty thick with the Sticks of a white Wisk,

a-cross, one over the other; set it before a good Fire, that it may

be very hot against your Sugar is boil'd; then take ten Pound of

double-refin'd Sugar finely beaten, the Whites of two Eggs beaten to

a Froth in half a Pint of Wat
r, and mix it with the Sugar; then put

to it a Quart of Orange-flower-water and three half Pints of Water,

setting it on a quick Fire; when it boils thoroughly put in half a

Pint of Water more to raise the Scum, and let it boil up again; then

take it off and skim it; do so two or three Times, 'till it is very

clear; then let it boil, 'till you find it draw between your

Fingers, which you must often try, with taking a little in the

Ladle; and as it cools, it will draw like a Thread; then put it into

the hot Pot, covering it close, and setting it in a very hot Stove

for three Days: It must stand three Weeks; but after the three first

Days a moderate Fire will do; but never stir the Pots, nor let the

Stove be quite cold: Then take it out, and pour out all the Syrup,

the Rock will be on the Sticks and the Pot-sides: set the Pots in

cold Water, in a Pan, on the Fire, and when it is thorough hot all

the Rock will slip out, and fall most of it in small Pieces; the

Sticks you must just dip in hot Water, and that will make the Rock

slip off; then put in a good Handful of dry Orange-Flowers, and take

a Ladle with Holes, and put the Rock and Flowers in it, as much as

will make as big a Lump as you wou'd like; dip it in scalding Water,

and lay it on a Tin Plate; then make it up in handsome Lumps, and as

hollow as you can: When it is so far prepar'd, put it in a hot

Stove, and the next Day it will stick together; then take it off the

Plates, and let it lye two or three Hours in the Stove; if there be

any large Pieces, you may make Bottoms of them, and lay small Pieces

on them.