To Make Spunge-biscuit

Take the Yolks of eighteen Eggs, beat them well, the Whites of nine

whip'd to a Froth, and beat them well together; put to them two

Pound and two Ounces of sifted Sugar, and have ready half a Pint of

Water, with three Spoonfuls of Rose-Water, boiling hot; and as you

beat the Eggs and Sugar, put in the hot Water, a little at a Time;

then set the Biscuit over the Fire, (it must be beat in a Brass or

Silver Pan) keeping it beating, 'till it is so hot that you can't

hold your Finger in it; then take it off, and beat it 'till 'tis

almost cold; then put in a Pound and Half of Flower well dry'd, and

the Rind of two Lemmons grated. Bake it in little long Pans

butter'd, and in a quick Oven: Sift Sugar over them before you put

them in the Oven.