To Make Trout-cream

Have three or four long Baskets made like a Fish; then take a Quart

of new Milk and a Pint of Cream, sweeten it, and put in a little

Orange-Flower-Water; make it as warm as Milk from the Cow; put in a

Spoonful of Runnet, stir it, and cover it close; and when it comes

like a Cheese, wet the Baskets, and set them hollow; lay the Cheese

into them without breaking the Curd; as it wheys and sinks, fill

them up 'till all is in. When you send it up, turn the Baskets on

the Plates, and give it a Knock with your Hand, they will come out

like a Fish: Whip Cream and lay about them. They will look well in

any little Basket that is shallow, if you have no long ones.