To Make White Plum-paste

Take a Pound of fine Sugar, and a Pint of Water, or more, as the

Quantity you intend to make requires; set it on the Fire, let it

boil, and set a Pan of Water to boil; when it boils, put in your

Plums; let them just boil, and then take them out with a Ladle, as

they flip their Skins off; take off the Skins, and put the Plums

into the Syrup; do this as fast as you can, that they may not turn:

Boil them all to Pieces; and to a Quart of Plums put a Pint of

Apple-Jelly; boil them well together, and rub it thro' a Hair Sieve;

to a Pint of this put a Pound and a half of sifted Sugar; let the

Jelly boil before you shake the Sugar, and let it scald 'till the

Sugar is well melted; skin it, put it in Pots, and dry it in the