To Make White Quince-marmalet

Pare Quinces, and quarter them, putting as much Water as will cover

them, and boil them all to Pieces to make Jelly; run it through a

Jelly-bag; then take a Pound of Quince, pare, quarter, and cut out

all the Hard of it; and to a Pound of Quinces put a Pound and a Half

of Sugar fine beaten, and half a Pint of Water, and let it boil

'till it is very clear; keep it stirring, and it will break as much

as shou'd be; when the Sugar is boil'd to be very thick, almost a

Candy, put in half a Pint of Jelly, and let it boil very fast 'till

it jellies: As soon as you take it off, put in the Juice of a Lemon;

skim it well, and put it in Pots or Glasses: It is the better for

having Lumps in it.