To Preserve Golden Or Kentish-pippins

Boil the Rind of an Orange very tender, and let it lye in Water two

or three Days; then make a strong Jelly with Pippins, and run it

through a Jelly-bag. Take Golden-Pippins, pare them, and scoop out

all the Coar at the Stalk End: To twelve Pippins put two Pound of

Sugar and three Quarters of a Pint of Water, boil the Sugar and skim

it; put in the Pippins and the Orange-Rind cut into thin Slices; let

them boil as fast as they can 'till the Sugar is very thick, and

almost a Candy; then put in a Pint of the Pippin-Jelly, and boil

them very fast 'till they jelly very well; then put in the Juice of

a Lemmon, give it one Boil, and put them in Pots or Glasses, with

the Orange mix'd with them. The Kentish Pippins are better in

Quarters than whole.