To Preserve Or Dry Nutmeg-peaches

Peel the Peaches, and put them in boiling Water; let them boil a

Quarter of an Hour; lay them to drain, weigh them, and to a Pound of

Peaches put a Pound of fine Sugar beaten very small; when the Sugar

is pretty well melted, boil them very fast 'till they are clear; set

them by 'till they are cold; then scald them very well; take to

every Pint of Peach a Pint of Codling-Jelly and a Pound of Sugar;

boil it 'till it jellies very well, then put in the Peaches and half

the Syrup; let them boil fast; then put them in Pots or Glasses: If

you wou'd dry them, scald them three or four Days, and dry them out

of their Syrup.