Take a shoulder, have the bone taken out and then pound the meat well
with a mallet. Lay it in vinegar for twenty-four hours. Heat some fat or
goose oil in a deep pan or kettle which has a cover that fits air tight
and lay the meat in the hot fat and sprinkle the upper side with salt,
pepper and ginger. Put an onion in with the meat; stick about half a
dozen cloves in the onion and add one bay leaf. Now turn the meat over
and sprinkle the other side with salt, pepper and ginger. Cut up one or
two tomatoes and pour some soup stock over all, and a dash of white
wine. Cover closely and stew very slowly for three or four hours,
turning the meat now and then; in doing so do not pierce with the fork,
as this will allow the juice to escape. Do not add any water. Make
enough potato pancakes to serve one or two to each person with "Wiener