Should you care to have a couple of loaves of graham bread instead of
all-wheat, take a generous cup of the above sponge before it is
stiffened beyond a thick batter, and add one tablespoonful of brown
sugar or molasses, stiffen with graham flour (not quite as stiff as
when making wheat bread), rub butter or lard on top of dough, cover
and set in a warm place to rise. When light, mold into one small loaf
(never make graham bread into large loaves), place in oblong pan,
cover, let stand until light, about 1-1/2 hours, when it should have
doubled in size; put in oven and bake thoroughly. When the loaf is
taken from the oven, brush butter over the top. This keeps the crust
If a wholesome loaf of "Corn Bread" is wished, use fine, yellow,
granulated cornmeal to stiffen the sponge instead of graham flour; do
not make dough too stiff.