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Apple And Cranberry Sauce

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Pare and quarter the apples--if not tart, stew them in cider--if tart

enough, stew them in water. When stewed soft, put in a small piece of

butter, and sweeten it to the taste, with sugar. Another way, which is

very good, is to boil the apples, without paring them, with a few

quinces and molasses, in new cider, till reduced to half the quantity.

When cool, strain the sauce. This kind of sauce will keep good several

months. It makes very good plain pies, with the addition of a little

cinnamon or cloves. To make cranberry sauce, nothing more is necessary

than to stew the cranberries till soft; then stir in sugar and molasses

to sweeten it. Let the sugar scald in it a few minutes. Strain it if you

like--it is very good without straining.

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