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(Bread) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Add one medium-sized mashed boiled potato to any of the foregoing
recipes. This will give a more moist bread, which retains its freshness

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Potato Bread

Boil the potatoes very soft, then peel and mash them fine. Put in salt,

and very little butter--then rub them with the flour--wet the flour with

lukewarm water--then work in the yeast, and flour till stiff to mould

up. It will rise quicker than common wheat bread, and should be baked as

soon as risen, as it turns sour very soon. The potatoes that the bread

is made of should be mealy, and mixed with the flour in the proportion

of one-third of potatoes to two-thirds of flour.

Other Recipes

Potato Bread

Take good, mealy boiled potatoes, in the proportion of

one-third of the quantity of flour you propose to use, pass them through

a coarse sieve into the flour, using a wooden spoon and adding enough

cold water to enable you to pass them through readily; use the proper

quantity of yeast, salt, and water, and make up the bread in the usual

way. It will cost about twenty-four cents if you use the above

quantities, and give you eight pounds or more of good bread.

Other Recipes

Potato Bread

Boil a quantity of potatoes; drain them well, strew over them a small

quantity of salt, and let them remain in the vessel in which they were

boiled, closely covered, for an hour, which makes them mealy: then peel

and pound them as smooth as flour. Add eight pounds of potatoes to

twelve of wheaten flour; and make it into dough with yest, in the way

that bread is generally made. Let it stand three hours to rise.

Other Recipes

German Potato Bread

Boil one potato until tender; mash it through a sieve, add to it a half

pint of warm water and a teaspoonful of sugar. Stir in one cupful of

flour and one cupful of yeast; let this stand for two hours, or until

very light. It is better to make this at seven o'clock, so the bread may

be sponged at nine or ten. Scald a pint of milk, add to it a pint of

water, beat in a quart and a pint of flour. The batter should be thick

enough to drop, rather than pour from the spoon. Then stir in the potato

starter, and stand in a place about 65° Fahr. over night. Next morning

knead thoroughly, adding flour. Put this aside until very light, about

two hours, then mold into loaves, put it into square greased pans, and

when light bake in a moderately quick oven three-quarters of an hour.

This recipe will make two box loaves and a dozen rolls.

Other Recipes

Potato Bread

Six good-sized potatoes, boiled and well mashed; one pint or more of

the water in which they were boiled, one cup of yeast for the sponge.

Set the sponge in a warm place over night. In the morning, when

kneading the bread add a little salt, little sugar, lard the size of

an egg, and sufficient luke-warm water to make six loaves of bread.

--Mrs. Hugh Parry.

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