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Canadian Tomato Chutney (splendid)

(Pickles.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)


One peck green tomatoes, twelve large red onions, one large cauliflower,

two heads celery, two heads garlic, six red peppers. Wash tomatoes and

dry them; peel the onions, cut the cauliflower into small pieces, also

the celery and peppers and scald and separate the garlic. When all are

prepared slice the tomatoes and onions, and put a deep layer into your

preserving pan mixing some of the other ingredients with them, then

sprinkle with coarse salt, and continue layer by layer until all are in

the pan. Let this stand twenty-four hours, then drain the liquor off and

add the following, placing all on the fire to boil at least two hours,

or until soft; three pints of vinegar, three pounds brown sugar, one

tablespoonful of cloves (ground), and ditto of cinnamon, allspice and

pepper, one ounce of turmeric powder. Stir all from the bottom

frequently lest it should stick and scorch.

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