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(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Capers are the produce of, a small shrub, but preserved in pickle, and

are grown in some parts of England, but they come chiefly from the

neighbourhood of Toulon, the produce of which is considered the finest

of any in Europe. The buds are gathered from the blossom before they

open, and then spread on the floor, where the sun cannot reach them, and

there they are left till they begin to wither; they are then thrown into

sharp vinegar, and in about three days bay salt is added in proper

quantity, and when this is dissolved they are fit for packing for sale,

and sent all over the world.

Other Recipes

Turbot To Boil In Court Bouillon With Capers

Be very particular in washing and drying your turbot. Take thyme,

parsley, sweet-herbs of all sorts, minced very fine, and one large onion

sliced; put them into a stewpan, then lay in the turbot--the stewpan

should be just large enough to hold the fish--strew over the fish the

same herbs that are under it, with some chives and a little sweet basil;

pour in an equal quantity of white wine and white wine vinegar, till the

fish is completely covered; strew in a little bay salt with some pepper.

Set the stewpan over a stove, with a very gentle fire, increasing the

heat by degrees, till it is done sufficiently. Take it off the fire, but

do not take the turbot out: let it stand on the side of the stove. Set a

saucepan on the fire, with a pound of butter and two anchovies, split,

boned, and carefully cleansed, two large spoonfuls of capers cut small,

some chives whole, and a little cayenne, nutmeg grated, a little flour,

a spoonful of vinegar, and a little broth. Set the saucepan over the

stove, keep shaking it round for some time, and then leave it at the

side of the stove. Take up the stewpan in which is the turbot, and set

it on the stove to make it quite hot; then put it in a deep dish; and,

having warmed the sauce, pour it over it, and serve up.

Soles, flounders, plaice, &c. are all excellent dressed in the same way.

Other Recipes

White Sauce With Capers And Anchovies For Any White Fish

Put a bit of butter, about the size of an egg, rolled in flour, into a

stewpan; dilute it with a large wine glass of veal broth, two anchovies,

cut fine, minced parsley, and two spoonfuls of cream. Stew it slowly,

till it is of the proper consistency.

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