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Celery Au Gratin

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Wash and trim four heads of celery; set in a stewpan with a teaspoonful

of vinegar, salt and cold water; boil until tender and drain dry. Make

some sauce with a tablespoonful of butter, the same quantity of flour

and half a pint of milk. Cook while stirring till it thickens; add the

yolk of one egg and a tablespoonful of grated cheese; stir the sauce,

but do not let it boil. Arrange the celery in a pie dish, sprinkle bread

crumbs over and little bits of butter; cover with sauce and brown in the

oven. Serve in the dish in which it is cooked.

Other Recipes

2 Celery Au Gratin

Cook until tender a large bunch of celery cut into one inch lengths.

Drain, return to the saucepan and cover with a cupful of white sauce.

Season with salt and pepper and chopped parsley. When cold butter a

baking dish and cover the bottom with crumbs. When the celery is cold

add to it 2 well beaten eggs. Cover with crumbs and bits of butter. Bake

1/2 an hour.

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