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Directions For Mixing

(Baking Cake And Bread) - (Cookery For Little Girls)

First the child should measure her flour while her cup is dry, and

adding the baking-powder, sift it on to a paper or in an extra bowl, and

set it aside, ready for use. Next she can measure the even cupful of

sugar into the mixing bowl, add an even one-third cupful of butter, and

rub together to a creamy mass. If the butter has been standing a while

in the kitchen, it will be warm enough to work up nicely. Then she must

separate the egg, beating the white stiff and the yolk until it is

foaming. Adding the beaten yolk to the butter and sugar, she again stirs

thoroughly, and then begins adding--a little at a time--first the milk

and then the sifted flour, stirring evenly all the while. Put in the

vanilla, the stiffly beaten white of egg, with the currants, mixing as

little as possible, and pour out into the greased gem pans. If the oven

is right, the baking will take from fifteen to twenty minutes, but if

the oven seems too hot, leave the door slightly open for about five

minutes. An old-fashioned way of finding out when the cakes are well

baked is to try with a new wooden toothpick. If it comes out clean and

dry the cakes are done.

On removing from the oven, loosen around the bottom edge (the cakes

should have shrunk from the sides), and turn on to a bread board. When

cold, they can be iced with the following simple icing:

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