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(Fish.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1/2 lb. Cold Boiled Fish--5d.

1/2 lb. Cold Boiled Potatoes--1d.

Pepper and Salt

Frying Fat

1 oz. Butter--1d.

1 Egg--1d.

1 tablespoonful of Milk, Bread Crumbs--1d.

Total Cost--9d.

Time--5 minutes.

Free the fish from skin and bone and flake it up; mash the potatoes
smoothly, mix together and season with pepper and salt. Put the milk
and butter into a saucepan, and when it is quite hot put in the fish
and the potatoes. Beat up the egg, and put half in, and mix together
till hot through; spread on to a plate and stand away to cool.
Add a teaspoonful each of water and oil to the egg. Make some bread
crumbs on a sieve, and put them on to a piece of paper. Shape the fish
mixture into cakes about one inch high and two inches across; brush
them over with the egg, and toss them into the crumbs. Shape again and
fry in very hot fat, arrange in the form of a wheel on a dish paper,
garnish with fresh or fried parsley, and serve hot.

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Take three pounds of fish (weakfish or carp, pickerel or haddock or
whitefish, any fat fish with a fish poor in it). Remove skin and bones
from the fish and chop flesh very fine, add a good-sized onion, minced
or grated, make a depression in the centre of the chopped fish and add
three-quarters cup of water, one-half cup of soft bread crumbs, salt and
pepper to taste, one-fourth cup of sugar, two egg whites and two
tablespoons of melted butter. Chop until very smooth and form into cakes
containing a generous tablespoonful each. Put the bones and skins into a
saucepan with an onion sliced and a tablespoon of butter and add the
fish cakes. Cover with water and simmer for one and a quarter hours.
Then remove the cakes and strain off the gravy into the two egg yolks
which have been slightly beaten together with one teaspoon of sugar;
stir over the heat until thickened, but do not boil it. Pour over fish
cakes and serve either hot or cold. The butter and sugar may be omitted
if so desired.

Other Recipes

Fish Cakes

Cold boiled fresh fish, or salt codfish, is nice minced fine, with

potatoes, moistened with a little water, and a little butter put in,

done up into cakes of the size of common biscuit, and fried brown in

pork fat or butter.

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