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Friar's Chicken

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Stew a knuckle of veal, a neck of mutton, a large fowl, two pounds of

giblets, two large onions, two bunches of turnips, one bunch of carrots,

a bunch of thyme, and another of sage, eight hours over a very slow

stove, till every particle of juice is extracted from the meat and

vegetables. Take it off the stove, pass it through a hair tamis; have

ready a pound of grated veal, or, what is better, of grated chicken,

with a large bunch of parsley, chopped very fine and mingled with it.

Put this into the broth; set it on the stove again, and while there

break four raw eggs into it. Stir the whole for about a quarter of an

hour and serve up hot.

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