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Galantine Of Fish

(Little Dishes Of Fish.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Procure a fine large fresh haddock and two smaller, of which to make

forcemeat. Take off the head and open the large fish. Carefully press

the meat from the backbone, which must be removed without breaking the

skin; trim away the rough parts and small bones at the sides. Cover the

inside of the fish with a layer of forcemeat, and at intervals place

lengthways a few fillets of anchovies, between which sprinkle a little

lobster coral which has been passed through a wire sieve; fold the

haddock into its original form, and sew it up with a needle and strong

thread. Dip a cloth in hot water, wring it as dry as possible, butter

sufficient space to cover the fish, then fold it up, tie each end, and

put a small safety pin in the middle to keep it firm. Braise the

galantine for an hour in stock made from the bones of the fish. Let it

stay in the liquor until cold, when take it up and draw out the sewing

thread. Reduce and strain the liquor, mix with cream and aspic jelly, or

Nelson's Gelatine, dissolved in the proportion of half-an-ounce to a

pint. When this sauce is on the point of setting, coat the galantine

with it, sprinkle with little passed lobster coral, dish in a bed of

shred salad, tastefully interspersed with beetroot cut in dice and

dipped in oil and vinegar.

To make the forcemeat, pound the fillets of the small haddocks till

fine, then work in about half its quantity of bread panada, an ounce of

butter, and the fillets of two anchovies; season with salt and pepper,

mix in one egg and a yolk, pass through a wire sieve, and work into it a

gill of cream.

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