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Hare To Stew

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut off the legs and shoulders, and cut out the back bone; cut into

slices the meat that comes off the sides: put all these into a vessel

with three quarters of a pint of small beer, the same of water, a large

onion stuck with cloves, whole pepper, some salt, and a slice of lemon.

Let this stew gently for an hour closely covered, and then put a quart

of good gravy to it, stewing it gently two hours longer, till tender.

Take out the hare, and rub half a spoonful of smooth flour in a little

gravy; put it to the sauce and boil it up; add a little cayenne and salt

if necessary; put in the hare, and, when hot through, serve it up in a

terrine stand.

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