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Milk Gnocchi

(Pastry, Sweets, Frozen Delicacie) - (The Italian Cook Book)

(Gnocchi di latte)

One quart of milk.

Sugar, nine ounces.

Starch in powder, four ounces.

Eight yolks of eggs.

A taste of vanilla.

Mix everything together as you would do for a cream and put on the fire

in a saucepan, continually stirring with a ladle. When the mixture has

become hard keep it a few moments more on the fire and then pour it in a

plate to make it about half an inch thick and cut it into diamonds when

it is cold. Put these diamonds one over the other with symmetry in a

baking tin or in a fireproof glass plate, with some little pieces of

butter in between and brown them a little in the oven. Serve hot.

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