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Oysters No 3

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take whole pepper and mace, of each a quarter of an ounce, and half a

pint of white wine vinegar. Set the oysters on the fire, in their own

liquor, with a little water, mace, pepper, and half a pound of salt;

skim them well as they heat, and only allow them just to boil for fear

of hardening them. Take them out to dry, skim the liquor, and then put

in the rest of the spice with the vinegar. Should the vinegar be very

strong, reduce it a little, and boil it up again for a short time. Let

both stand till cold: put your oysters into the pickle: in a day or two,

taste your pickle, and, should it not be sharp enough, add a little more


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