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Partridge Rolled

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Lard some young partridges with ham and bacon, and strew over some salt

and pepper, with beaten mace, sweet-herbs cut small, and some shred

lemon-peel. Take some thin beef steaks, taking care that they have no

holes in them, and strew over some seasoning, squeezing over some

lemon-juice. Lay a partridge upon each steak, roll it up, and tie it

round to keep it together, and pepper the outside. Set on a stewpan,

with some slices of bacon and an onion cut in pieces; then carefully lay

the partridges in, put some rich gravy to them, and stew gently till

they are done. Take the partridges out of the beef; lay them in a dish,

and pour over them some rich essence of ham.

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