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Potted Herrings

(Fish And Oysters.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)


Scale and clean fresh herrings, then taking the fish by the tail you can

easily remove the backbone drawing it towards the head. The smaller

bones will melt in the vinegar; remove the heads and roll each fish up,

tail end inside, and wind a thread round each roll, lay them in the

vessel they are to remain in till used, a stone earthernware crock is

best. Make scalding hot with spices as much vinegar as will cover them,

pour it over the fish and keep them hot about the stove for about an

hour, when they will be well cooked through; do not let them boil or

they will break. Keep in a cool place. Spices: whole white pepper, whole

allspice, and a blade of mace if it is liked.

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