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Sachet Powders

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

In making sachet powders one general direction must be borne in

mind--each ingredient must be powdered before mixing. Potpourri should

be made before the season of outdoor flowers passes. Pluck the most

fragrant flowers in your garden, passing by all withered blossoms. Pick

the flowers apart, placing the petals on plates and setting them where

the sun can shine upon them. Let the petals thus continue to dry in the

sun for several days. Each flower may be made into potpourri by itself,

or the different flowers may be mixed in any variety and proportion that

pleases the maker. Flowers which have little or no scent should be left

out. When the leaves are well dried sprinkle them with table salt. Do

not omit this, as it is important. The right proportion is about two

ounces of the salt to each pound of leaves. If also two ounces of

powdered orris root is added and well mixed in with the dried petals

the fragrance and permanence are improved. Now the potpourri is ready to

put in the jars that are sold for that purpose.

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