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Salme Of Partridges

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut up the partridges neatly into wings, legs, and breast; keep the

backs and rumps apart to put into sauce; take off all the skin very

clean, so that not a bit remains; then pare them all round, put them in

a stewpan, with a little jelly gravy, just to cover them; heat them

thoroughly, taking care they do not burn; strain off the gravy, and

leave the partridge in the pan away from the fire, covering the pan.

Take a large onion, three or four slices of ham, free from all fat, one

carrot, cut in dice, a dessert-spoonful of mushrooms, clear washed from

vinegar if they are pickled, two cloves, a little parsley and thyme, and

a bit of butter, of the size of a walnut; fry these lightly; add a glass

and a half of white wine, together with the jelly in which the

partridges were heated, and as much more as will make up a pint of rich

sauce, thickened with a little flour and butter; put in the parings of

the birds except the claws; let them stew for an hour and a half on the

corner of the stove; skim very clear; put in one lump of sugar, and

strain the whole through a sieve; put the saucepan containing the

partridges in boiling water, till thoroughly heated; lay the different

parts of the birds neatly in a very hot dish; pour the sauce over them;

have some slices of bread cut oval, rather broad at one end, neatly

fried; lay them round the dish, and serve up.

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