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Sweet Macaroni

(Macaroni, Etc.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Boil the macaroni as for the other dishes, but with only a pinch of

salt, until tender, when drained put into a stewpan with a gill of milk

to each two ounces, and two ounces of sifted lump sugar. Any flavouring

may be used, but perhaps there is nothing better than grated lemon-peel,

and for those who like it, powdered cinnamon or grated nutmeg. Stir over

the fire until all the milk is absorbed; a little cream is, of course,

an improvement. For those who do not like milk, the juice of a lemon, or

a little sherry, may be substituted, and for a superior dish vanilla can

be used for flavouring.

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