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Vegetable Soup No 3

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Let a quantity of dried peas (split peas), or haricots, (lentils) be

boiled in common water till they are quite tender; let them then be

gradually passed through a sieve with distilled water, working the

mixture with a wooden spoon, to make what the French call a pure: and

let it be made sufficiently liquid with distilled water to bear boiling

down. Then let a good quantity of fresh vegetables, of any or all kinds

in their season, especially carrots, lettuces, turnips, celery, spinach,

with always a few onions, be cut into fine shreds, and put it into

common boiling water for three or four minutes to blanch; let them then

be taken out with a strainer, added to and mixed with the pure, and

the whole set to boil gently at the fire for at least two hours. A few

minutes before taking the soup from the fire, let it be seasoned to the

taste with pepper and salt.

The soup, when boiling gently at the fire, should be very frequently

stirred, to prevent its sticking to the side of the pan, and acquiring a

burnt taste.

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