Baked Apple Dumplings Recipe

Make a paste of half a pound of flour, (cost two

cents,) quarter of a pound of butter, (cost eight cents,) and enough

cold water to wet it up, about half a pint; roll it out very thin and

fold it four times; repeat this process twice; then put the paste in a

cool place for five minutes, and roll and fold again; do this three

times, and then cut the paste in squares, and lay on each an apple

prepared as above; fold the paste over the apples, turn them bottom up

on a baking sheet, brush them with a well beaten egg, (cost one cent,)

sift over them an ounce of powdered sugar, (cost one cent,) and put them

in a moderate oven to bake for three quarters of an hour. They will cost

about eighteen cents, and be very nice.



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