Chicken And Lettuce La Kendall Recipe

Put sufficient cold boiled chicken through the meat chopper to make a

half pint, pound it in a mortar or rub it in a bowl with the hard-boiled

yolks of four eggs, four tablespoonfuls of thick cream, a half

teaspoonful of salt, a dash of pepper, and if you have it, two

saltspoonfuls of celery seed; in the winter you may add a half cupful of

finely chopped celery. Butter thin slices of white bread, cover them

with this mixture, place on top a slice of brown bread buttered on both

sides, then a thick layer of shredded celery, with a tablespoonful of

mayonnaise in the middle, then another slice of buttered white bread;

press together, trim the crusts and cut into fingers.



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