Cod's Head Recipe

Fish in general requires very little carving, the fleshy parts being

those principally esteemed. A cod's head and shoulders, when in season,

and properly boiled, is a very genteel and handsome dish. When cut, it

should be done with a fish trowel; the parts about the back-bone, or the

shoulders, are by far the firmest and best. Take off a piece quite down

to the bone, in the direction a, b, c, d, putting in the spoon

at a, c, and with each slice of the fish give a piece of the round,

which lies underneath the back-bone, and lines it, the meat of which is

thin, and a little darker colored than the body of the fish itself. This

may be got by passing a spoon under it, in the direction d, f. About

the head are many delicate parts, and a great deal of the jelly kind.

The jelly part lies about the jaw-bone, and the firm parts within the

head. Some are fond of the palate, and others the tongue, which likewise

may be got by putting a spoon into the mouth.



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