Consomme And Bouillon Recipe

Then to make the finest kind of perfectly clear soup, stir into each two

quarts of cold stock the beaten white and crushed shell of one egg,

place on the fire and keep stirring until it boils. Allow to cook

without stirring for twenty minutes, after which set aside for ten

minutes; skim and strain through a cheese-cloth bag. This may seem like

a good deal of work, but if the soup is first boiled in the morning

while cleaning up the kitchen and then clarified while getting dinner,

it will not require much time nor trouble, and the result will be a

delicious consomme or bouillon. It is called bouillon if made

principally of beef with vegetables, and brown in color; it is consomme

if made of uncooked meat and bones, including veal and chicken, and

consequently light in color.



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