Pleasing Variations Recipe

Stock made thus can be simply reheated or changed to any desired kind of

soup by the addition of a particular garnishing. For rice soup, either a

few teaspoonfuls of uncooked rice or half a teacupful of cold boiled

rice can be added; for vegetable soup a cupful of mixed vegetables cut

in small pieces can be put in and boiled until tender. Macaroni, broken

in inch lengths, washed and then cooked in the stock until it is done

makes a nice change, called Italian consomme, while a cupful of

tomatoes will convert it into a tomato soup. If the additions suggested

are to be made, however, it is not necessary to clarify the stock. It

takes common sense to make good soup, as well as time and patience, and

one must learn to be guided by the taste if trying to use up left-overs

instead of following a regular recipe.

Cream soups, however, do not require any stock, and so are easily and

quickly made. They are delicious, too, and something any bright girl

could make while her mother got up the rest of the dinner. They take the

name of the kind of vegetable used, but all are put together in about

the same way.



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