Fried Chicken, Maryland Style Recipe

Fried chicken is a beloved dish enjoyed by many all around the world. Each region has its own unique twist on this classic, and one such variation is Maryland Style Fried Chicken. This particular recipe hails from the state of Maryland in the United States, known for its rich culinary history and delicious seafood.

Maryland Style Fried Chicken is often prepared by cutting up a whole chicken into smaller pieces, ensuring that each piece cooks evenly. The chicken is then seasoned with a combination of salt, pepper, and a touch of mace. Mace is a spice made from the outer coating of the nutmeg seed and adds a warm, fragrant flavor to the chicken.

Once the chicken is properly seasoned, it is time to prepare the coating. The pieces of chicken are dipped into beaten egg, allowing the egg to coat the chicken completely. This creates a sticky surface that will help the flour adhere to the chicken. The chicken is then rolled in flour, ensuring that each piece is well coated. The flour provides a delightful crispy texture to the chicken when fried.

To fry the chicken, a combination of lard and butter is melted in a pan over medium heat. The mixture of fats creates a delicious flavor profile and helps to achieve a golden-brown color on the chicken. Once the fats are hot and bubbling, the chicken pieces are carefully added to the pan. It is important not to overcrowd the pan to ensure that each piece of chicken fries evenly.

The chicken is cooked in the hot fats until it is golden brown and crispy on the outside. This typically takes around 12-15 minutes per side. It is important to monitor the temperature to ensure that the chicken cooks through without burning. A meat thermometer can be used to check that the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165°F (74°C) to ensure it is fully cooked.

Once the chicken is cooked, it is removed from the pan and set aside to rest. In the same pan, a large piece of butter is added, along with a sprinkle of flour. This creates a roux, which serves as the base for a creamy sauce to go with the chicken. The flour is cooked in the butter until it froths up, creating a nutty aroma. Milk is then added to the pan, and the mixture is stirred until it thickens. This creamy sauce is poured over the fried chicken, adding a luscious and indulgent element to the dish.

Maryland Style Fried Chicken is often served alongside traditional Southern sides such as mashed potatoes, collard greens, and cornbread. The combination of rich flavors and textures creates a mouthwatering meal that is sure to satisfy any craving.

Fun fact: Maryland is also famous for its Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs, which are often steamed and enjoyed with Old Bay seasoning. This iconic spice blend, primarily used for seafood, was created in Maryland in 1939 and adds a unique and flavorful twist to many dishes.

If you enjoy Maryland Style Fried Chicken, you may also want to explore other regional variations of fried chicken from around the world:

1. Nashville Hot Chicken: Originating from Nashville, Tennessee, this style of fried chicken is known for its spicy kick. The chicken is marinated in a fiery spice blend, then fried until crispy and coated in a spicy sauce.

2. Korean Fried Chicken: Popular in South Korea, this style of fried chicken is known for its incredibly crispy exterior. The chicken is coated in a batter made with cornstarch and flour, then double-fried to perfection. It is typically served with a sweet and spicy sauce.

3. Japanese Karaage: A beloved dish in Japan, Karaage is a type of fried chicken that is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. The chicken is coated in potato starch or cornstarch before frying, resulting in a crispy and flavorful coating.

4. Southern-Style Fried Chicken: A classic in the American South, Southern-Style Fried Chicken is often seasoned with a combination of salt, pepper, and paprika. The chicken is dredged in flour and fried until golden and crispy, resulting in a comforting and delicious meal.

No matter which style of fried chicken you choose, it is sure to be a hit. Whether you prefer it spicy or mild, crispy or tender, fried chicken is a timeless favorite that never disappoints. Enjoy exploring the world of fried chicken and adding your own personal touch to this beloved dish!



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