Marblehead Chowder

Cut half a pound of salt pork into dice and place two-thirds of it in
a deep saucepan; fry a light brown. Remove it and in the fat fry two
large onions sliced. Cover the bottom of the pot with slices of raw
cod or bass mixed with some of the fried pork and onions. On this
place another layer of sliced fish mixed with a few pieces of raw
pork, and slices of raw onion, salt and pepper; over this a layer
of sliced raw potatoes. Repeat these layers until the pot i
two-thirds full, when the mixture should be covered with warm water,
or preferably a stock made of the heads and tails of the fish. After
the chowder comes to a boil, let it cook for forty-five minutes.
Then add some broken sea biscuit, and boil fifteen minutes longer.
In another saucepan place a quart of milk and heat it to the boiling
point. Then stir into it two ounces of flour rubbed into two ounces of
butter. When it thickens a little, pour it over the chowder and serve.
The recipe will take about four pounds of fish, half a pound of pork,
six onions, six potatoes, four sea biscuits, two ounces each of butter
and flour and a quart of milk.