Marshmallow Pudding Recipe

Dissolve one and one-half tablespoonful gelatine in one-half cup boiling

water. When thoroughly dissolved, add one-half cup cold water into which

has been stirred a pinch of salt and sugar to taste; set aside to cool.

When the gelatine begins to thicken, pour it slowly into the stiffly

beaten whites of four eggs, beating it well as you pour. The mixture

will now be white and spongy. Pour into mold or dish one-half of

mixture, flavored to taste. Have ready cocoanut, chopped nuts or

Maraschino cherries (all three may be used) in a center layer. Onto this

pour the remainder of the mixture, which may be colored if desired. With

this serve a sauce made from the yolks of three eggs, one pint milk,

sugar and vanilla to taste; cook in double boiler till it thickens so

that it will pour nicely. Quick and easy to prepare.



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