No. 108. Testa di Vitello alla Sanseverino (Calf's Head)

Ingredients: Calf's head, sweetbread, fowl's liver, anchovies,
herbs, capers, garlic, bacon, ham, Malmsey or Muscat.
Boil and bone half a calf's head, and fill it with a stuffing made
of half a pound of sweetbread, a fowl's liver, two anchovies, a
teaspoonful of chopped herbs, a few chopped capers, and the calf's
brains. Roll the head up, stitch it together and braize it in half
a tumbler of Malmsey or Australian Muscat (Burgoyne's), half a cup
of very good white stock, some bits of ham and bacon, and a clove
of garlic with two cuts. Cook it gently for four hours and serve
it with its own sauce. Do not leave the garlic in longer than ten