No. 132. Pollo alla Fiorentina (Chicken)

Ingredients: Fowl, butter, vegetables, rice or macaroni,
peppercorns, stock, ham, tomatoes, bay leaves, onions, cloves,
Roll up a fowl in buttered paper and put it in the oven in a
fireproof dish with all kinds of vegetables and a few peppercorns.
Leave it there for about two hours, then put the fowl and
vegetables into two quarts of good stock and let it simmer for one
hour; serve on well-boiled rice or macaroni and pour the following
sauce over it. Sauce: Two pounds tomatoes, one big cup of good
stock, a quarter pound of chopped ham, three bay leaves, one onion
stuck with cloves, one teaspoonful of Liebig. Simmer an hour and a