No. 141. Tacchinotto all'Istrione (Turkey Poult)

Ingredients: A turkey poult, ham, mace, bay leaves, lemons, water,
salt, onions, parsley, celery, carrots, Chablis.
Truss a turkey poult, and cover it all over with slices of ham or
bacon, put two bay leaves and four slices of lemon on it, and
sprinkle with a small pinch of mace, then sew it up tight in a
dishcloth, and stew it in good stock, salt, an onion, parsley, a
stick of celery, a carrot, and a pint of Chablis; cook for an hour,
take it out of the cloth, and pour a good rich sauce over it. It
is also good cold with aspic jelly.