No. 83. Bragiuole di Vitello (Veal Cutlets)

Ingredients: Veal, salt, pepper, butter, bacon, carrots, flour,
Chablis, water, lemon.
Cut a bit of veal steak into pieces the size of small cutlets, salt
and pepper them, and put them in a wide low stewpan. Add two
ounces of butter, a cut-up carrot, and some bits of bacon also cut
up. When they are browned, add a spoonful of flour, half a glass
of Chablis, and half a glass of water, and cook on a slow fire for
half an hour, then take out the cutlets, reduce the sauce, and pass
it through a sieve. Put it back on the fire and add an ounce of
butter and a good squeeze of lemon, and when hot pour it over the