No. 87. Polpettine Distese (Veal Olives)

Ingredients: Veal steak, butter, bread, eggs, pistacchio nuts,
spice, parsley.
Cut some slices of veal steak very thin as for veal olives, and
spread them out in a well-buttered stewpan. On each slice of veal
put half a spoonful of the following mixture: Pound some crumb of
bread and mix it with a whole egg; add a little salt, some
pistacchio nuts, herbs, and parsley chopped up, and a little
butter. Roll up each slice of veal, cover with a sheet of buttered
paper, put the cover on the stewpan and cook for three-quarters of
an hour in two ounces of butter on a slow fire. Thicken the sauce
with a dessert-spoonful of flour and butter fried together.