No. 89. Costolette di Montone alla Nizzarda (Mutton Cutlets)

Ingredients: Mutton cutlets, butter, olives, mushrooms, cucumbers.
Trim as many cutlets as you require, and marinate them in vinegar,
herbs, and spice for two hours. Before cooking wipe them well and
then saute them in clarified butter, and when they are well
coloured on both sides and resist the pressure of the finger, drain
off the butter and pour four tablespoonsful of Espagnole sauce (No.
1) with a teaspoonful of vinegar and six bruised pepper corns over
them. Arrange them on a dish, putting between each cutlet a
crouton of fried bread, and garnish with olives stuffed with
chopped mushrooms and with slices of fried cucumber.