No. 96. Timballo alla Lombarda

Ingredients: Macaroni, fowl or game, eggs, stock, Velute sauce
(No. 2), tongue, butter, truffles.
Butter a smooth mould, then boil some macaroni, but take care that
it is in long pieces. When cold, take the longest bits and line
the bottom of the mould, making the macaroni go in circles; and
when you come to the end of one piece, join on the next as closely
as possible until the whole mould is lined; paint it over now and
then with white of egg beaten up; then mask the whole inside with a
thin layer of forcemeat of fowl, which should also be put on with
white of egg to make it adhere; then cut up the bits of macaroni
which remain, warm them up in some good fowl stock and Velute sauce
much reduced, a little melted butter, some bits of truffle cut into
dice, tongue, fowl, or game also cut up in pieces. When the mould
is full, put on another layer of forcemeat, steam for an hour, then
turn out and serve with a very good brown sauce.