Orange Water Ice Recipe

1/2 pint of grape juice
6 lemons
1 orange
4 tablespoonfuls of sherry
1/2 pound of preserved cherries or pineapple, or both mixed
1-1/2 pounds of sugar
1 quart of water
Grate the yellow rind of the orange and one lemon into the sugar, add the
water, stir over the fire until the sugar is dissolved, boil five minutes,
and strain. Add the fruit cut into small pieces, the juice of the orange
and the lemons; when cold, add the grape juice and sherry, and freeze,
using the dasher. Do not stir rapidly, but stir continuously, as slowly as
possible. When the mixture is frozen, remove the dasher and repack the can;
ripen at least two hours.
This is one of the nicest of all the water ices, and may be served on the
top of Coupe St. Jacque, or at dinner in sherbet glasses with roasted veal
or beef.
This will serve ten persons.



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