Pheasant A La Braise

Put a layer of beef, the same of veal, at the bottom of the stewpan,

with a thin slice of bacon, a little bit of carrot, an onion stuck with

cloves, a bunch of sweet-herbs, some black and white pepper, and a

little beaten mace, and put in your pheasant; put over it a layer of

veal and the same of beef; set it on the fire for five or six minutes;

then pour two quarts of boiling water, cover it down close, and put a

cloth round the outside of the cover to prevent the steam escaping:

it must stew gently for an hour and a half; then take up the pheasant

and keep it hot, and let the gravy stew till reduced to about a pint;

strain it off, and put it into a saucepan, with a sweetbread, which must

have been stewed with the bird, some liver of fowls, morels, truffles,

artichoke bottoms, and the tops of asparagus, and let these simmer in

the gravy; add two spoonfuls of red wine and of ketchup, and a piece of

butter rolled in flour; let them stew for five or six minutes: lay the

pheasant in the dish, pour the ragout over it, and lay forcemeat balls

round it.