Pigeons A La Tatare With Cold Sauce

Singe and truss the pigeons as for boiling, and beat them flat, but not

so as to break the skin; season them with salt, pepper, cloves, and

mace. Dip them in melted butter and grated bread; lay them on a

gridiron, and turn them often. Should the fire not be clear, lay them

upon a sheet of paper buttered, to keep them from being smoked. For

sauce, take a piece of onion or shalot, an anchovy, and two spoonfuls of

pickled cucumbers, capers, and mushrooms: mince these very small by

themselves; add a little pepper and salt, five spoonfuls of oil, one of

water, and the juice of a lemon, and mix them well together with

mustard. Pour the sauce cold into the dish, and lay the birds, when

broiled, upon it.