Pigeons Au Soleil

Make some forcemeat, with half a pound of veal, a quarter of a pound of

mutton, and two ounces of beef, and beat them in a mortar with salt,

pepper, and mace, till they become paste. Beat up the yolks of four

eggs, put them into a plate, and mix two ounces of flour and a quarter

of a pound of grated bread. Set on your stewpan with a little rich beef

gravy; tie up three or four cloves in a piece of muslin, and put into

it; then put your pigeons in, and stew them till nearly done; set them

before the fire to keep warm, and with some good beef dripping in your

pan, enough to cover the birds, set it on the fire; when boiling, take

one at a time, and roll it in the meat that was beaten, then in the yolk

of an egg, till they are quite wet; strew them with bread and flour in

boiling dripping, and let them remain till brown.