Pigeons To Jug

Pick and draw the pigeons, and let a little water pass through them;

parboil and bruise the liver with a spoon; mix pepper, salt, grated

nutmeg, parsley shred fine, and lemon-peel, suet cut small, in quantity

equal to the liver, the yolks of two eggs boiled hard and also cut fine;

mix these with two raw eggs, and stuff the birds, tying up the necks and

vents. After dipping the pigeons into water, season them with salt and

pepper; then put them into a jug, with two or three pieces of celery,

stopping it very close, to prevent the steam escaping. Set them in a

kettle of cold water; lay a tile on the top, and boil three hours; take

them out, and put in a piece of butter rolled in flour; shake it round

till thick, and pour it over the pigeons.