Puree of Venison

Cut up the remains of venison that had been roasted for a former
dinner, put a few slices of ham into a stew pan, then the venison, two
whole onions, a blade of mace, two quarts of stock, and a small piece
of a sprig of thyme, parsley, and two cloves. Set it on the stove to
simmer, two hours or more. Strain it off, and pull all the meat to
pieces. Pound it with the lean ham that was boiled with it, the crust
of two French rolls which has been soaked in consomme. Rub the whole
through a colander with a glass of claret or port and enough consomme
to bring it to the consistency of cream. Put it back on the fire in
a double boiler. Stir a little butter into it, and serve with bread
fried in dice.