Raised Flour Waffles

Stir into a quart of flour sufficient lukewarm milk to make a thick

batter. The milk should be stirred in gradually, so as to have it free

from lumps. Put in a table-spoonful of melted butter, a couple of beaten

eggs, a tea-spoonsful of salt, and half a tea-cup of yeast. When risen,

fill your waffle-irons with the batter, bake them on a hot bed of coals.

When they have been on the fire between two and three minutes, turn the

waffle-irons over--when brown on both sides, they are sufficiently

baked. The waffle-irons should be well greased with lard, and very hot,

before each one is put in. The waffles should be buttered as soon as

cooked. Serve them up with powdered white sugar and cinnamon.