Rye And Indian Bread

Of wine she never tasted through the year,

But white and black was all her homely cheer,

_Brown bread_ and milk (but first she skimmed her bowls),

And rasher of singed bacon on the coals.


Sift two quarts of rye, and two quarts of Indian meal, and mix them well

together. Boil three pints of milk; pour it boiling upon the meal; add

two teaspoonfuls of salt, and stir the whole very hard. Let it stand

till it becomes of only a lukewarm heat, and then stir in half a pint of

good, fresh yeast; if from the brewery and quite fresh, a smaller

quantity will suffice. Knead the mixture into a stiff dough, and set it

to rise in a pan. Cover it with a thick cloth that has been previously

warmed, and set it near the fire. When it is quite light, and has

cracked all over the top, make it into two loaves; put them into a

moderate oven, and bake them two hours and a half.